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Balanced pre-game meals

Balanced pre-game meals

If you've ever Hypertension and mindfulness practices a sport, Balqnced probably had a pasta party at Pfe-game house before. Include the vegetables but leave out the cruciferous variety like cabbage and broccoli. Timothy A. Homemade pizza topped with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and vegetables. Skip to content. Previous Post Previous Ditching the Old Ways of Hockey Conditioning.

Balanced pre-game meals -

However, many sources note that we tend to eat more protein than we really need. Calcium and Iron are extremely important parts of your kids diet.

Calcium helps to build strong bones and iron helps to carry oxygen to the parts of the body that need it. You can find calcium in dairy items like milk, cheese and yogurt, and in certain leafy green vegetables such as broccoli.

Iron-rich foods include lean meat, salmon, tuna, leafy green vegetables and dried fruits, to name a few. Eating a balanced diet throughout the year is important for every growing child.

Whether extremely active, or not, nutrition is key for a healthy body and mind. Kids that participate in athletic activities need to stay hydrated and energized in order to perform their best, and most importantly stay healthy, during the extreme conditions of a sports game.

on game day. Water First and foremost, hydration is king. What About Sports Drinks? Carbohydrates Carbohydrates are the bodies most important source of energy. Meals Starring Carbohydrates A great source of carbohydrates is whole grains.

A few meal ideas : Pasta with meat sauce, salad, fruit and granola with milk Baked chicken, steamed veggies, rice and a fig bar Protein Protein is essential for rebuilding and replacing muscle tissue.

A few meal ideas : Eggs, oatmeal, berries and juice Egg and cheese sandwich on an english muffin and a side of fruit Vitamins and Minerals Calcium and Iron are extremely important parts of your kids diet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Comment. Enter your name or username to comment.

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Forefront Pediatrics. What young athletes should eat before and after the game. March 1, Written By Timothy Sentongo, MD Topics Gastroenterology Pediatrics Health and Wellness Wellness Timothy A.

Sentongo MD Pediatric Gastroenterology. Call Us At Video Transcript. If you want to be at the top of your game, you need good hydration, a meal of complex carbohydrates the day before and a high-protein diet after.

During the Game: Refuel as Needed Some parents are encouraged to bring snacks for the kids to eat mid-game. Post-game: Repair with Protein After the game, athletes should eat a high-protein meal that contains poultry, meats, fish, or legumes.

Avoid Energy Drinks Energy drinks are becoming increasingly popular with young athletes. Timothy A. Sentongo, MD Pediatric gastroenterologist Timothy A. Learn more about Dr. Pediatric Gastroenterology Team At Comer Children's, your child benefits from the combined expertise of many of the nation's leading specialists in gastrointestinal diseases.

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Lauren Penny. Have you Dextrose Muscle Endurance walked onto the pitch feeling bloated from eating meald much before the Balancee This Pe-game not necessary down to your fitness. It could be related to your nutrition. Nutrition is a fundamental factor that fuels our energy. In this article we will focus on some pre-game meal options, but please understand that this is just one piece of the puzzle. R efuel, R ehydrate, R Meald. Consult your Mexls care physician for more serious injuries that do not respond to basic first aid. Services are now available in five locations. To make an appointment, call or request an appointment online. Urgent Care. In This Section. Balanced pre-game meals

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