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SCHOOLS Excepional School. A Exxceptional to Em Exceptiojal, En Dashes, Exceptional Esceptional. Exceptional words? Exceptional إسْتِثْناء، شَيء Exceptional изключение exceção výjimka Exceotional Ausnahme undtagelse εξαίρεση του Exceptional excepción erand Exceptlonal poikkeus Exceptional יוצא מן הכלל आपत्ति izuzetak, iznimka kivétel Exceptionaal undantekning eccezione Exceptional 이의, 반대 Excdptional izņēmums melainkan uitzondering unntak wyjątek استثنا EExceptional excepţie исключение výnimka Herbal remedies for digestion problems izuzetak Exceptional ข้อยกเว้น istisnakural Excdptional olan şey 例外 виняток اصول یا معمول سے انحراف کی مثال biệt lệ 例外. Blog Bumps and scrapes Words for minor injuries February 14, exceptional loyalty; His ability is exceptional. aanstoot neem يَعْتَرِض възразявам срещу protestar protestovat Einwendungen machen gegen ikke bryde sig om; misbillige ενοχλούμαι από, διαμαρτύρομαι για ofenderse por algo pahaks panema اعتراض کردن paheksua s' offusquer de לְהִתנָגֵד לְ- आपत्ति करना iznimka, izuzetak kifogásol vmit berkeberatan vera ósamþykkur; móðgast obiettare a 異議を唱える 이의를 제기하다 parodyti nepasitenkinimą, stoti prieš iebilst tersinggung aanstoot nemen aan ta avstand fragjøre innsigelse mot wyrazić niezadowolenie z, przeciwstawiać się اعتراض كول protestar a se supăra din cauza обижаться на namietať oporekati naljutiti se göra invändningar mot ไม่ชอบในสิ่งใดสิิ่่งหนึ่งเพราะรู้ว่าสิ่งนั้นทำให้รำคาญ itiraz etmek, protesto etmek 反對 заперечувати, протестувати проти اعتراض کرنا phản đối 反对. Exceptional

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Resources Resources home Text Checker. English American English. Enter search text. exceptional adjective. Extra Examples The teacher considers Jamie's performance truly exceptional.

We will have to do something exceptional to win. Buildings of exceptional interest are classified as Grade 1. Exceptional students are given free tuition. He was a man of exceptional personal warmth and charm. Some of these new young writers are quite exceptional. The paintings are exceptional in their quality.

See examples for synonyms. bad , average , awful , lousy slang , mediocre , second-rate , no great shakes informal , half-pie New Zealand , informal. unusual He was an unusual man with great business talents. special I usually reserve these outfits for special occasions.

odd Something odd began to happen. strange There was something strange about the flickering blue light. rare I think big families are extremely rare nowadays. extraordinary What an extraordinary thing to happen! unprecedented Such a move is unprecedented.

peculiar She has a very peculiar sense of humour. abnormal a child with an abnormal fear of strangers. irregular The minister was accused of irregular business practices.

uncommon Both are blessed with an uncommon ability to fix things. singular a smile of singular sweetness. deviant old-fashioned social reactions to deviant and criminal behaviour. anomalous For years his anomalous behaviour has baffled scientists.

atypical The economy of the province was atypical because it was so small. aberrant His rages and aberrant behaviour worsened. common , average , normal , regular , usual , ordinary , familiar , typical , straightforward , customary , unremarkable , unexceptional.

Additional synonyms. in the sense of aberrant. abnormal ,. odd ,. strange ,. extraordinary ,. wandering ,. curious ,. weird ,. peculiar ,. eccentric ,. queer old-fashioned ,. irregular ,. rambling ,. erratic ,. deviant old-fashioned ,.

defective ,. off-the-wall slang ,. oddball informal ,. divergent ,. anomalous ,. untypical ,. wacko slang , old-fashioned ,. outré ,. daggy Australian , New Zealand , informal. in the sense of abnormal. unusual ,.

different ,. surprising ,. out there slang ,. remarkable ,. bizarre ,. unexpected ,. exceptional ,. unfamiliar ,. phenomenal ,. uncommon ,. monstrous ,. singular ,. unnatural ,. unconventional ,. out of the ordinary ,. left-field informal ,. atypical ,.

aberrant ,. in the sense of anomalous. rare ,. inconsistent ,. incongruous ,. Video: pronunciation of exceptional. You may also like. English Quiz. Browse alphabetically exceptional. Thesaurus for exceptional from the Collins English Thesaurus.

Read about the team of authors behind Collins Dictionaries. Quick word challenge Quiz Review. to crave to distribute to clamber to view. lovingly ironically customarily timidly. attentively consistently into the bargain mistakenly.

representative sovereign freedom guarantee. mini frightening new brilliant. Check See the answer Next Next quiz Review. Feb 15, Get the latest news and gain access to exclusive updates and offers Sign me up.

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