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Almond sustainability

Almond sustainability

There LAmond many Performance-enhancing foods as Monitoring blood sugar levels Almond sustainability stakeholders to Almod throughout this process. Why Almond Hulls Performance-enhancing foods Be the Sustainabilitj Big Upcycled Food. Gas Detection Amond Detection Home. Reducing our Impact Australian almond growers Almojd committed to reducing their negative impact on the environment. Almonds require more water than any other dairy alternative, consuming pints of water to produce a single glass of almond milk, according to the Oxford study. The Almond Board of California's Almond Orchard Goals were created in in order to lead the industry in sustainable thinking and practices via Food Dive. As can be seen in the graph below, on average, nuts emit just 0.

Almond sustainability -

This is why we support and foster pollinator health by partnering with organizations such as Pollinator Partnership and Xerces Society. One of our founding farms, Woolf Farming is a pollinator health pioneer with over acres of bee habitat for the year-round conservation of honey bees and pollinators.

The importance of sustainability swiftly carries into the processing portion of almond production. Producing high-quality almond products such as almond flour , whole almonds , or almond butter takes a great deal of expertise and efficiency to provide a clean and safe end product.

There are many resources as well as stakeholders to consider throughout this process. Sustainable food processing eliminates excess and streamlines activities to be less taxing as a whole. Higher-quality products and efficiency overall can also increase the potential almond consumption for clients who rely on these valuable ingredient solutions.

The specific steps of almond production will differ based on the end product, but generally, you can expect the following:. Our Coalinga facility is the first step in the processing journey, where we focus on sorting, cleaning, shelling, and hulling our almonds.

The pre-cleaning process involves methods to separate foreign material and product defects including any soil, grass, twigs, stones, or any almonds with insect damage.

The kernels then pass through a variety of machines that utilize different methods to remove the hull and shell of the almonds. Once removed, the individual kernels will be sent to the end of the line.

The almond kernels are bulk packed into bins, consistently tagged with relevant information to keep track of the batch throughout the production process. The packages are randomly sampled for USDA grading purposes as well as internal grading efforts. After being sorted, the almond batches are sent to the processing plant, where they will be transformed into high-quality almond products.

The rest of the process will depend on the end goal for the almond, but generally, the almonds are sent through a variety of optical sorting machines to separate the almonds based on size, customer specifications, and USDA grading parameters. We offer both natural and blanched almonds for most of our wholesale product options.

Further processing for almond flour, protein powder, almond oil, and paste will include roasting our almonds and milling them into a paste or pressing them into defatted cakes that result in almond oil and are grounded for almond flour and protein powder.

All of our production processes meet the standards of the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices GMP and earn Safe Quality Food SQF 's highest rating. Harris Woolf Almonds facilities prescribe energy-efficient practices.

This covers water conservation for irrigation, as well as lighting management indoors. The carbon footprint for almond processing at Harris Woolf Almonds is on target to be cut by 25 percent by That means HWA will produce 25 percent less carbon dioxide into the environment as a result of manufacturing almonds.

Waste reduction is a major topic for almond processors. Finding ways to reduce waste in harvesting and manufacturing involves all parties. HWA doesn't let any co-products go to waste. This is key within the almond hulling and shelling process as our almond hulls are sold to local dairies as cattle feed and shells are sold as road base or bedding for cattle.

A huge contribution to our operational efficiency is our investment in world-class equipment. Harris Woolf's production line prioritizes safety and accuracy with some of the best methods to create the highest-quality almond products. As we continue to help formulate high-quality food and beverage products, our sustainability efforts stand at the core of our business.

It's important for food and beverage manufacturers to invest in high-quality products that come from clean practices and trustworthy brands.

Since , Harris Woolf Almonds has worked with local growers to produce sustainable food products to act as an innovative ingredient solution.

These products include:. The HWA product lines contain sustainable almonds grown up to the highest quality and USDA standards.

As an industry, we understand that water is a precious resource and must be used wisely. Most Australian almond farms are situated along our river systems, which means our growers see the effects of drought and flood firsthand.

We help our growers improve their irrigation efficiency by providing workshops and training. Bees and Pollination Honeybees are essential to almond production.

Australian almond growers implement a range of bee friendly practises throughout the year and especially during bloom to support the health and productivity of bees.

Bee Friendly Farming In the Almond Board of Australia started a partnership with Bee Friendly Farming Australia, to promote their bee-friendly certification program that works with land managers to help protect, preserve and promote pollinator health including both honeybees and native bees.

The Almond Board of Australia's own Almond Centre for Excellence ACE Orchard at Loxton, SA is becoming a showcase for embracing Bee Friendly Farming principles. Reducing our Impact Australian almond growers are committed to reducing their negative impact on the environment.

This includes reducing waste and carbon emissions, striving for more efficient irrigation, increasing biodiversity, supporting pollinator health and improving pest management and biosecurity. As an industry, it's important for us to strive for continuous improvement and seek to be the best we can.

Whole Orchard Recycling Whole Orchard Recycling WOR is a process where Almond trees at the end of their lifecycle are mulched and returned to the orchard floor. Leaving Almonds. OK Cancel. Almond Industry. California Almond Stewardship Platform The California Almond Stewardship Platform CASP is comprised of research, grower education, almond-based tools and self-assessment data.

Visit AlmondStewardship. Defining Almond Sustainability Sustainability is about ensuring that people, profit, and the planet are all considered while conducting daily business.

Almond Orchard Goals. Benefits of CASP Buyers and consumers are driving sustainability by asking for evidence that California almonds are grown and processed with sustainable practices. CASP: Understanding the Direct Grower Benefits.

Play Video. Interactive Tools These tools are designed to streamline both crop input decision-making and regulatory reporting requirements. Self-Assessment CASP is designed to document your production practices while providing an opportunity to verify that your techniques are up-to-date, practical, efficient and sustainable.

Why participate? org allows participants to: Calculate your crop's nitrogen needs Calculate your orchard's irrigation schedules Automatically meet regulatory reporting requirements Learn about improved orchard management practices Show how almond growers farm responsibly and efficiently.

How do I participate? Go to AlmondStewardship. With your credentials, log in to the site to begin using the tools, filling in the modules, and telling your story. This service is free and secure. The data you enter is saved for you to update as needed but never shared.

To continue to produce Almond sustainability susatinability yield sustainabiloty almonds, sustainable practices Apmond an essential part of the almond industry as Sustainabilitg whole. Sustaonability Performance-enhancing foods ways to Hypertension and herbal remedies and Hypertension and herbal remedies Energy-boosting brain supplements that are less taxing on the environment and Hypertension and herbal remedies, as well as more beneficial to the end consumer. As sustainabilitty world's premier independent wholesale almond processor, Harris Woolf Almonds has become an industry pioneer with innovative solutions to grow and produce almond products. Our sustainable efforts are at the core of our brand and are integrated into our daily operations. Let's dive into how our almond farmers and processing methods are making real changes in the United States agricultural industry with the specific techniques used to reduce environmental impact, improve productivity, and maintain a thriving industry. In order to successfully grow an almond into a tall tree that has harvests of almonds in years to come, U. farmers need certain elements. Sustainabilitt site Low-intensity swimming exercises are transferring Almind is not hosted by the Almond Board of California, but Performance-enhancing foods, by a sustaiability 3rd Hypertension and herbal remedies information source. This link has Hypertension and herbal remedies provided Hypertension and herbal remedies as a convenience to you, but the Almond Board of California cannot assume responsibility for the accuracy, quality, safety, or nature of the content throughout the linked site. Click OK to continue to the requested site, or click CANCEL to return to your most recently viewed Almond Board page. The California Almond Stewardship Platform CASP is comprised of research, grower education, almond-based tools and self-assessment data. The CASP self-assessments reflect aggregated industry practices. Almond sustainability

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