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Pre-game recovery meals

Pre-game recovery meals

That means Pfe-game lb Mealss should lose less than 3 to 4. Get an online Sports nutrition trends opinion from one of our experts without having to leave your home. Get a Second Opinion Contact Us Contact Form and Phone Numbers. This allows time for them to void the excess fluid. To Tape or to Brace Play Hard. Pre-game recovery meals

Pre-game recovery meals -

You can usually find healthy carb options at the hotel breakfast such as toast, oatmeal, cereal, whole fruit and juice. Eating this heathy pre game meal hours prior to your game is vital to topping off energy stores as you get game ready.

Depleted carb stores are hard to refuel and can result in low energy in the next game. Make sure you have these on the bench with you. Eat a snack with carbs and protein immediately post-game , such as chocolate milk.

Then, eat a balanced meal you know will sit well with your stomach, such as a sub sandwich. Always be sure to give yourself enough time to digest before your next game. Home Blog Nutrition What to eat before a game. What to eat before a game. Days leading up to a game Cutting back on hard exercise and getting plenty of rest in addition to eating high-quality foods and refilling your water bottle several times per day is a great strategy for showing up on game day fully fueled, hydrated and ready to play.

Road game Tips for Athletes Packing a bag of non-perishable travel snack staples is a great way to save money and avoid buying unhealthy foods on the road. Meal prepping: the night before your game.

Post-game recovery refueling power hour Athletes need to eat a recovery snack and meal ASAP after the game ends. Learn how to develop a game day meal plan that works best for you. Game day meal plan guidelines Test your meal plan ahead of game day. Every athlete is unique and tolerates foods differently.

Experiment with pre-sport meals and snacks ahead of game day to find out what makes you feel best. The day of competition is never the time to try something new.

Learn what foods to avoid. Depending on your body's preferences and the type of sport you play, it may help to avoid dairy, high-fat or high-fiber foods on game day. There is nothing bad about those nutrients, but during exercise, blood is diverted away from the digestive tract to the working muscles, making it harder to digest high-fiber, high-fat meals.

This can lead to stomach cramps or other gastrointestinal symptoms during exercise. Hydration is key. Properly hydrating before, during and after competition is essential for success.

Most of the time, water will be sufficient to stay hydrated, but there are times when sports drinks are beneficial. See more hydration tips for athletes.

Understand the role of carbs. Carbohydrates are an essential energy source for the brain, red blood cells and muscles during moderate to high-intensity exercise. The body's stores of carbohydrates are limited, so it is necessary to consume enough carbohydrates daily, as well as just before exercise.

Athletes who train multiple times per day or who participate in frequent endurance activity cross-country running, swimming, etc. To determine weight in kilograms, divide your weight in pounds by 2.

Eating well isn't just for game day. While athletes may pay special attention to nutrition right before a big game, a consistently healthy diet is essential to get the most out of training all season long. Learn more about effective sports nutrition.

What to eat for breakfast on game day Breakfast is an opportunity to start game day right. A winning breakfast may include: Whole grain cereal, low-fat milk, sliced strawberries Greek yogurt with blueberries and a sprinkle of granola Eggs, whole wheat toast with peanut butter and a fruit smoothie Oatmeal topped with chopped almonds and sliced bananas Pre-game meal ideas Athletes should eat a balanced meal containing carbohydrates, protein, and fruit or vegetables hours before game time.

Pre-game meals may include: Whole wheat chicken sandwich with vegetables Brown rice, salmon and roasted vegetables Whole wheat turkey wrap with vegetables and hummus Whole wheat pasta with sauce, grilled chicken and vegetables Healthy pre-game snacks Athletes can eat a light snack minutes before game time.

Optimal pre-game snacks for athletes include: Fruits Homemade energy bar Whole wheat toast with almond or peanut butter Whole grain crackers with cheese Hummus with whole grain crackers How to fuel during a game The most important nutritional factor during exercise is to stay hydrated. Post-game food to help athletes refuel Nutrition after competition is just as important as fueling up before and during games.

Healthy snack options after exercise include: Fruit smoothie with Greek yogurt Cottage cheese with berries Apple and string cheese Banana with almond or peanut butter Greek yogurt topped with granola or fruit Chocolate milk Homemade protein bar One to three hours after a game, athletes should eat a balanced meal that contains carbohydrates, protein, vegetables or a fruit.

Healthy post-game meal ideas include: Turkey chili with whole wheat roll Baked chicken with quinoa and vegetables Whole grain turkey sub with vegetables Beef burrito on whole wheat tortilla Chicken stir-fry with brown rice Whole wheat toast with eggs and fruit What to eat before a tournament Athletes headed into a long tournament, which can include multiple games over one or two days, need to make meal planning a priority.

Consider the following snacks between tournament games: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread Turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread Pretzels or whole grain crackers with nut butter Fresh fruit and beef or turkey jerky Chocolate milk or Greek yogurt cups Learn more The dietitians at Children's Health Andrews Institute can help athletes reach peak performance through meal planning before, during and after game day — and all season long.

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