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Meal ideas for team sports

Meal ideas for team sports

For Meak more softball Meal ideas for team sports, check out softball video library. Along with the pasta bar, offer a Caesar salad dressing Mral the side as well as breadsticks for the athletes to enjoy with their pasta. Sent from my iPhone using Baby Bargains. Here are my best tips for prepping and serving a simple and delicious one: Prep School Plan ahead. Friendship Casserole — This is a perfect team dinner recipe.

Meal ideas for team sports -

I even started another blog about it! Do you know how long it takes to get sick of eating ham sandwiches? Exactly one tournament.

Thermal Bowls Mama bought some of these and they are AH MAZE ING. You can whip up something in the morning, transfer it into your thermal bowl, seal it up then BOOM!

hot food later! Capitalize on the Hot Weather OK, I felt a little weird doing this the first time but then I realized how silly that was! The inside of my car reaches at least million degrees when it sits in the parking lot all day.

On those super hot days, all I have to do is wrap hot food in tin foil and leave it in the car! TOO EASY! OK, now on to the food! Here are the easy meals I prepare though there are infinite possibilities with crock pot recipes : The majority of the ideas below are linked to recipes - just click or tap to get there!

There are now 23 ideas below because I keep remembering more when I'm in the shower, driving to work or trying to go to sleep at night!! Chili Dogs — pack the chili in one container and hot dogs in another.

Bring buns and condiments I stock up on packets of mustard and ketchup at fast food joints so I can just bring those. Chili — Serve with corn chips and shredded cheese. Walking Tacos — Open an individual-size bag of corn chips, tortilla chips or Doritos, spoon hot taco meat into the bag over the chips then top with cheese.

White Trash Sliders — Serve the cheesy, meaty filling on sliders! Wraps are a smart alternative to sandwiches because they can be made in advance and travel easily without the bread getting soggy. You can fill them with just about anything!

They are also an easy meal to layout buffet style with some sides like fruit salad or yogurt parfaits. Cold Cuts: A variety of ham, turkey, and cheese wraps can be prepared ahead of time for an easy team lunch at the field.

Toppings like avocado and various hummus spreads can give them some flair. Traditional Salad Bar: All the traditional greens, plus parents can contribute potato salad or pasta salad to round out the meal. Chicken or tuna salad works great as well.

Chicken Cesar: Whether you wrap it up or eat it as a salad, Chicken Cesar is a team favorite! All the ingredients can be stored separately in a cooler and combined quickly for an easy team lunch. Yogurt Parfaits: An easy side or dessert that can be made in advance and stored in the fridge.

You can also layout ingredients like Greek yogurt, granola, fresh-cut fruit, dark chocolate chunks, and mixed nuts for the athletes to make their own.

Fruit Salad: A light lunch or side that travels well in a cooler. Bring some large containers of Greek yogurt as a way to add some protein to the equation.

Mexican Theme Bar: For an easy team dinner, have parents bring Mexican fillers, and players can make their own burritos. Black beans, rice, and tomatoes are some of the most inexpensive foods in the grocery store.

Potato Bar: This is an easy one — players can top their own baked potato with cheese, bacon, broccoli, or sour cream. Cook the noodles and offer a couple of sauces and toppings like slow cooker meatballs, chopped and steamed veggies, and shredded cheese.

Bringing the team meal outdoors and cooking on the grill can turn any team meal into a party! Tell parents to bring their own meat or sides to contribute. Sliders: Go little! Grilled beef or chicken sliders are popular as a meal or aside.

Kabobs: If you have older kids on the team, they can help prepare the meats and vegetables for a kabob meal. For your team vegetarians, have a few veggie burgers on hand. Grilled Chicken: Try out a fun new marinade and serve with sides like baked potatoes, rice, and veggie kabobs or put it on a sprouted grain bun for chicken sandwiches.

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So without further adieu, here is the list: Pizza The simplicity of pizza can make this one of the most versatile choices. Doesn't matter if you have vegans, paleos, people with gluten intolerance or just picky eaters. Pizza can be customized to any of these diets at most bigger pizza chains, but even smaller mom and pop pizza shops are adapting, whether it be offering a gluten-free cauliflower crust option, non-dairy cheese, or sugar-free sauces.

Build Your Own Burritos Beans, rice, protein, and salsa make a fine burrito. However, if you want a wet burrito, cauliflower rice, squeeze of lime, guacamole and queso, who are we to judge?

That's what makes building your own burritos so versatile! Even the patties can be made with beef, turkey, bison, chicken, black beans, portobello mushrooms, or there are even various faux meat options as well. If you have a hard time choosing one style, then sliders are your best bet. Make as many mini burgers as you please and taste all the options!

Empanadas These tasty little stuffed pastries date back to the early 16th century and were featured in a Catalan cookbook from that era. Not to be confused with samosas and calzones but they liked to have a shared history of being a portable hearty meal for the working class.

They have evolved over the years to include all sorts of different savory fillings such as potatoes, pork, chorizo, shrimp, street corn, cheese, and beef.

Tapas Most consider tapas to be an appetizer or a small snack, but don't worry when ordered in large quantities it becomes quite a meal. With a cornucopia of different options, tapas can be a great choice for those feeling adventurous without having to commit to just one dish.

Indian Curry up now and make sure you don't miss out on all the dishes that come from India. With a large population of vegetarians and Jains, Indian cuisine has some of the most vegetarian and vegan options around.

Don't fret though there are still a lot of meat based dishes for everyone else. So what exactly are they?

Today I am sharing some Team Dinner Meal Ideas. If you teaam Meal ideas for team sports sports mom chances are sportss have prepared team dinner Protein consumption tips your kids sports teams. These are all great recipes that are approved by teens! I am a soccer Mom and a football Mom. I love helping out every opportunity I get. This year my son joined the high school football team and is the kicker. Immediately I messed the boosters to see how I could help.

Meal ideas for team sports -

A fruit smoothie bar is a great option to include at a team dinner. Although it may sound complicated, it is actually easy to set-up. Just make sure you have a couple of good blenders ready to go.

To go with the smoothie bar, consider offering peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, premade deli sandwiches or wraps, or one of the hot buffet lines suggested below.

If you prefer to offer a buffet line for the team dinner, there are numerous nutritious options you can select from. Traditional team dinners centered around a selection of carbohydrates, lean proteins, as well as fruits and vegetables can help ensure athletes are well fueled for their competition.

A BBQ buffet is an easy team dinner option that most athletes enjoy. For the buffet, aim to include lean protein options as well as healthy sides. A Mexican food themed meal featuring grilled chicken and steak fajitas is always a popular team dinner.

Along with the fajitas, offer high-carb sides, such as Spanish rice, black beans, and tortillas. Maake sure to include a variety of salsas, pico de gallo, grilled fajita veggies, and guacamole for athletes to top their fajita tacos with.

An Italian food buffet is a great way to ensure athletes enjoy a high-carb dinner prior to competition. Possible items to offer on the buffet include:. A quick and easy team dinner option is a burger bar. Offer a variety of burger patty options, such as sirloin, turkey, grilled chicken, salmon, and black bean vegan option.

Make sure to provide all the fixings for athletes to add to their burgers, including sliced cheese, tomato, red onions, lettuce, pickles, and condiments. On the side, baked sweet potato fries, beans, fresh sliced fruit, and a garden salad are great options. Grilled chicken, steak, shrimp, and veggie kabobs are a great team dinner option.

To help with prep, many stores sell pre-made kabobs that can easily be thrown on the grill. When planning a home cooked team dinner, ask the athletes if they have any favorite recipes they want to share. Many recipes can be adjusted to make healthier versions of classic favorites.

Items such as turkey meatloaf, Rotisserie chicken, breaded and baked chicken breasts, beef stew, and chicken and rice casserole can all be healthy entrees for a team dinner.

On the side, consider mashed potatoes, whipped sweet potatoes, southern greens, red beans and rice, broccoli and cheese rice, healthy baked mac and cheese, green beans, and dinner rolls.

When the weather turns cooler, a team dinner featuring chili can be a welcome change. For a healthier option, prepare the chili with lean ground beef or turkey.

Offer baked potatoes or brown rice for players to enjoy with their chili. Providing a salad, fresh fruit, and cornbread will round out the meal for the team. When selecting a soup, focus on broth-based soup options that include a source of carbohydrates noodles, rice, barley. Soups such as homestyle chicken noodle, chicken and rice, beef barley, and beef vegetable with rice are all great options.

For the hot sandwich, consider ideas such as meatball subs, grilled ham and cheese, pulled pork easy to prep in the crockpot , as well as turkey and cheese paninis. In addition to the soup and sandwiches, offer a salad, fresh sliced fruit, as well as dinner rolls for athletes to enjoy with the meal.

Pizza is always a quick and easy team dinner option. When ordering, select thick crust pizza, as this will provide athletes with more carbohydrates than thin crust. In addition, choose lean protein toppings such as Canadian bacon, ham, or grilled chicken.

Veggie toppings as well as pineapple are also great additions. If you need some ideas, a Hawaiian pizza with Canadian bacon and pineapple, a BBQ chicken pizza, or a veggie pizza with grilled chicken are all good options. On the side, make sure to have a fresh garden salad, as well as sliced fruit available for the athletes to eat with the pizza.

In addition to the ideas above, there are many restaurants that offer easy, affordable catering options for team dinners. Below are a few ideas that are sure to be crowd pleasers.

At Chipo tle you can purchase burritos by the box. The pre-made burritos are a great option if you want a hand-held meal that athletes can easily eat on the bus. Chipotle also offers a build your own burrito bowl catering set-up.

They provide the protein, rice, beans, and toppings of choice allowing athletes to create their own bowl. You can also purchase a variety of salad trays, fresh veggies, and fresh sliced fruit for the team to enjoy with the meal.

If the team prefers a hot meal following a game, the pasta or potato bar can be a convenient option. Chick-fil-A has a variety of packaged meals as well as party trays available that are an easy team dinner option.

The Grilled Chicken Bundle is a great catering option for an athletic team. It comes with the fixings for everyone to build their own grilled chicken sandwich. The Chilled Grilled Chicken Sub and Chick-fil-A® Cool Wrap sandwich trays are also good team dinner options.

On the side consider ordering a fresh fruit tray and a garden salad tray for athletes to enjoy with their meal. Similar to Chipotle, CAVA offers a build your own bowl set-up that features Mediterranean food items. This is an easy way to provide athletes with a nutritious meal including carbohydrates, lean protein, as well as healthy fats.

If you prefer a pre-made dinner option for the team, CAVA also offers pita platter trays as well as individual pre-made bowls. CAVA has a variety of vegetarian and vegan options available on their menu. Thus, it is a great catering option if there are athletes on the team who follow plant-based diets.

Either option can be an easy post-game team meal for athletes. If I'm driving to a tournament and have room in the car, I try to do as much shopping and prepping ahead of time. I often take coolers filled with fruit, cheese, and pre-cooked and frozen spaghetti sauce.

If the hotel room you are staying in will also double at the team dining room it helps to be creative with storage. Stashing team snacks in dresser drawers can keep them out of the way.

Depending on the hotel room set up you can even arrange drawers by meals having breakfast items in the top drawer and lunch items in the middle drawer for example, which makes clean up much faster. Smoothies are a quick and nutritious option for breakfast or a snack. I usually bring several coolers filled with food including the ingredients for smoothies.

Purchasing large family style containers of yogurt is great if you are serving a crowd. I usually don't measure, but this recipe works well: Fruit Smoothie Recipe : 3 cups frozen strawberries one ounce bag, 2 bananas, 1.

Cover, turn on high and let the blender clean itself! Fruit and yogurt parfaits are a great breakfast option. These can even be prepped in disposable coffee cups with lids if your team needs to eat on the run. To make parfaits I usually buy large containers of vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries, and granola and layer these ingredients in the cups.

Topping them with a few strawberries and some granola makes it pretty too. Instead of having your team buy a lunch, packing a lunch is always a great option. I learned a trick from a fellow chaperone who had the girls on her team fill out a "sandwich order form" each night.

The chaperones used that as a guide and had the girl's sandwiches made when they came in the team room to pack their lunches. It does make the mornings go smoother and creates less mess!

We usually poll the girls prior to the trip to find out what their preferences are. Feeding dinner to a team can be harder than you think! You never know when you will be done playing for the day so dinner reservations can be challenging to make. It is also not easy to secure a table in a restaurant for ten players, several chaperones, and assorted parents when there are so many other teams trying to do the same.

I have found that the players are usually quite happy to go back to their hotel room, take a shower, and eat together in the team room. I have a few dinner options that I have prepared often that are really quick to make.

It's also easy enough to have extras if any parents or coaches want to stop by for a bite. Many athletes like to eat carbs, namely pasta, the night before competing. I have found an easy way to serve pre-cooked pasta out of a hotel room.

For most out of state tournaments I cook pounds of pasta at home prior to traveling. After each batch is cooked, I rinse the noodles with cold water, drain well, and toss with Tablespoons of lite tasting olive oil.

The oil helps to prevent the pasta from sticking together. This pre-cooked pasta can be stored in gallon or jumbo sized zip-style plastic bags and transported in the car in a cooler. Prior to serving at the hotel, pour the noodles in a colander that you bring from home and run hot water over the noodles in a sink or even the shower.

This will heat the noodles sufficiently to serve. I usually pour the noodles in a disposable tin pan and serve the pasta from there.

Are you looking ixeas some new team Meal ideas for team sports ideas Meal ideas for team sports provide Mel a sports team? Check out these 25 easy meal spors that can help Promoting stable blood sugar regulation the team is fueled to perform at their sportts. When fro a spports dinner, it is important to keep the sports nutrition needs of athletes in mind. Carbohydrates should be at the foundation of the team dinner, as they provide athletes with the energy needed to perform at their best. Carbohydrates can be added to the team dinner with foods from a variety of food groups, including:. In addition to carbohydrates, the team dinner should contain a moderate amount of lean protein and be low in saturated fat. Who We Are. Where ideaas Buy. Follow Pancreatic hyperplasia Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Easy Team Meal Ideas. Growing up, my middle sister Megan was an amazing athlete.

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