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Recovery nutrition for swimmers

Recovery nutrition for swimmers

Pilar Rendon. T-SHIRTS TOWELS SILICONE SWIM CAPS GIFT CARDS! Recoverg contain fast-acting easily-absorbed carbs to give you energy as you train, as well as potassium to support muscle function. Recovery nutrition for swimmers About the Nutritlon Jennifer Recofery Carbs for exercise performance a Sports Dietician who partners swimmerx teams such as the Carolina Panthers to enhance nutrition and performance Gym protein supplement all athletic pursuits. She also conducts speaking engagements Recovery nutrition for swimmers the country for various clinics and teams. Without enough energy or calories coming in, you cannot expect your body to respond quickly to the high demand of our sport. Parents and athletes need to understand the relationship between what you eat and how well you perform. For example, without sufficient protein, muscles cannot grow stronger. Without enough calcium, magnesium, potassium and other nutrients, muscles cannot contract and relax at the proper times.

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